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Newman Randy - Roll With The Punches / Albums 79-17 / Vinyl / 8LP / RS


Newman Randy


Roll With The Punches / Albums 79-17 / Vinyl / 8LP / RS




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LP1:Born Again
A1 It's Money That I Love
A2 The Story of a Rock and Roll Band
A3 Pretty Boy
A4 Mr. Sheep
A5 Ghosts
A6 They Just Got Married
B1 Spies
B2 The Girls in My Life (Pt. 1)
B3 Half a Man
B4 William Brown
B5 Pants

LP2:Trouble in Paradise
C1 I Love L.A.
C2 Christmas in Cape Town
C3 The Blues
C4 Same Girl
C5 Mikey's
C6 My Life Is Good
D1 Miami
D2 Real Emotional Girl
D3 Take Me Back
D4 There's a Party at My House
D5 I'm Different
D6 Song for the Dead

LP3:Land of Dreams
E1 Dixie Flyer
E2 New Orleans Wins the War
E3 Four Eyes
E4 Falling in Love
E5 Something Special
E6 Bad News from Home
F1 Roll with the Punches
F2 Masterman and Baby J
F3 Red Bandana
F4 Follow the Flag
F5 It's Money That Matters
F6 I Want You to Hurt Like I Do

LP4:Randy Newman's Faust
G1 Glory Train
G2 Can't Keep a Good Man Down
G3 How Great Our Lord
G4 Best Little Girl
G5 Northern Boy
G6 Bless the Children of the World
H1 Gainesville (with Linda Ronstadt)
H2 Relax, Enjoy Yourself
H3 Life Has Been Good to Me
H4 Little Island
H5 The Man
H6 My Hero (with Linda Ronstadt)

LP5:Randy Newman's Faust
I1 I Gotta Be Your Man
I2 Feels Like Home
I3 Bleeding All over the Place
I4 Sandman's Coming (with Linda Ronstadt)
I5 Happy Ending
J1 Each Perfect Day (Faust Demo)
J2 How Great Our Lord (Faust Demo)
J3 It Was Beautiful (Faust Demo)
J4 Damn Fine Day (Faust Demo)
J5 March of the Protestants (Faust Demo)
J6 Love Time (Faust Demo)
J7 When Love Is in the Air (Faust Demo)

LP6: Bad Love
K1 My Country
K2 Shame
K3 I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It)
K4 Every Time It Rains
K5 The Great Nations of Europe
K6 The One You Love
L1 The World Isn't Fair
L2 Big Hat, No Cattle
L3 Better Off Dead
L4 I Miss You
L5 Going Home
L6 I Want Everyone to Like Me

LP7:Harps and Angels
M1 Harps and Angels
M2 Losing You
M3 Laugh and Be Happy
M4 A Few Words in Defense of Our Country
M5 A Piece of the Pie
N1 Easy Street
N2 Korean Parents
N3 Only a Girl
N4 Potholes
N5 Feels Like Home

LP8:Dark Matter
O1 The Great Debate
O2 Brothers
O3 Putin
O4 Lost Without You
P1 Sonny Boy
P2 It's a Jungle out There (V2)
P3 She Chose Me
P4 On the Beach
P5 Wandering Boy

Rok vydání: 2021


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